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David B.
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Hemlane provides excellent affordable property management solutions to real estate owner
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I could not have kept costs down and realized additional revenue without Hemlane!
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Kingsley Ifezue, First Advantage Property Management
Kingsley Ifezue
First Advantage Property Management
License #6502412737 (MI)
19 years
19 years
Real Estate
19 years

REAL ESTATE BROKER AND PROPERTY MANAGER We are a fully licensed Property Management Company. We are a nationwide property management company. We have 18 years in the business of managing investment acquisitions. We have a staff available around the clock! We abide by all fair housing laws. We are and equal opportunity housing. Management is avai... See more

Kena Johnson, iTech Realty
Kena Johnson
iTech Realty
License #6501335217 (MI)
19 years
14 years
Real Estate
19 years

Over 10 years of experience leasing and managing single and multi-family residential assets with sizes ranging from 90-300 units. You can trust PINC Management to keep your properties occupied, profitable, and well cared for inside and out. Our team will efficiently manage your vendors, oversee regular property maintenance, and quickly resolve resi... See more

Donna Hawthorne, Tyraa Nicole Properties, LLC
Donna Hawthorne
Tyraa Nicole Properties, LLC
License #6501371511 (MI)
12 years
12 years
Real Estate
12 years

One experience with leasing a property is when one of my tenants that rented the upper unit of a 2 family flat that I managed asked me if I could find another home for her because she had MS and it was very hard for her to walk up and down the stairs and some days she just stayed home in the bed in pain. She was on disability and could not afford ... See more

Michelle Willibey, Clients First Realtors
Michelle Willibey
Clients First Realtors
License #6502376617 (MI)
11 years
Real Estate
11 years

Ambitious, dedicated broker associate, and real estate specialist with strong technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to interact with a wide range of clients. Experienced in residential, investment, and rental properties. I have been in the real estate business for 10 years, I have worked for Wayne Westland Communi... See more

Property management in Detroit, Michigan FAQs

If you're looking for a city with a rich history and a bright future, you'll want to check out Detroit, Michigan. With a strong automotive industry and a thriving music scene, there's always something to do in Detroit. You'll also find plenty of delicious food options and a variety of unique shops. Come see why Detroit is one of the most vibrant cities in the Midwest!

Answers to your Questions

The average property management fee for rental properties range from 8% to 12% of the monthly rental income. For instance, if your rental property’s monthly rent is $2,000, the management fee would typically range from $160 to $240 per month. With a property management software, like Hemlane, you can manage your rentals for as little as $40/month.

Many property management firms typically charge a monthly fee ranging from 8% to 12% of the rent they collect. Some may charge less or more, but the average hovers around 10%.

A property management company is responsible for overseeing various aspects of rental properties on behalf of property owners. Their responsibilities generally include: marketing and advertising, screening potential tenants, drafting and renewing leases, tenant move-in and routine property inspections, tenant communication, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, and financial management. With Hemlane, you get 90% of what a property manager does at a fraction of the price. From advertising, maintenance coordination, rent processing, and eviction support.

A property management software are applications designed to assist landlords and property managers in automating their back-office tasks, financial operations and administrative procedures. This includes monitoring maintenance requests, document storage, providing an online tenant portal, processing rent payments, and more.

The main benefits of a property management softwares are to reduce costs and promote growth by automating the day-to-day administrative tasks. Here are some ways this is done: providing an easy way to monitor maintenance, streamlining accounting and payments, and automating tenant communication.