We’re reinventing property management for the everyday person.

Unparalleled Network

We support over 21,449 rental properties in 4,418 cities across the Unites States

Proven Success

We save our clients $1.15 million per month vs. traditional property management

Users Love Us

We've completed 61,218 service requests and users most commonly rate us 5 stars

How do we do it?

Replace Uncertainty with Confidence
The common theme in property management is “uncertainty.” How will I fill a vacancy or find a new apartment? When the garbage disposal breaks, who is going to fix it? We exist to give people a confident and reliable clear path forward. 
Replace Stress with Simplicity
Renting a property is stressful - particularly if you have more than one rental property, are facing vacancy,  and/or high costs. We’ve reinvented the entire system blending technology and knowledgeable humans to provide a source of comfort and a reliable, simple solution. 
Replace Opacity with Transparency
The industry is notoriously opaque, with information traveling along unexpert social networks and long-term requirements are traded for short-term results. We use technology to light the way for our clients and their tenants.
Give Everyone Super Powers

We’re building Hemlane to help the good property managers become even better - and perhaps more importantly - allowing smaller players to bat above their weight. We enable world-class service with access to data, products, and tools not provided under one roof by anyone else in the industry.

Why do we do it?

Our founders, Frank and Dana, saw the challenges and hurdles facing property owners and tenants weren’t being addressed. They set out to build a property management platform that could make managing property better for everyone - no matter if you owned one home or many or if you were looking for a place to call home.

Dana Dunford & Frank Liu - Hemlane founders

They reinvented the full-rental property management experience, making it less complex and utilizing technology to do the heavy lifting while keeping the personal touch of humans where it matters. 

Our fast-growing team is made up of some of the most heartfelt and intelligent individuals in the property management field and we’re passionate and dedicated to changing the way you manage your rentals.

Don’t take it from us, take it from them

“Great value and customer support for small business owner”

Hemlane was one of the only platforms that we felt truly protected on, as landlords who are conscious about legal concerns around allowing online payments. But we also greatly appreciate that the software is easy to use for our tenants... It's made communication and processes so much more seamless!

Jessica M.
Jessica M.
“Makes my life much easier”

Mostly excellent! Their team is very responsive and supportive of any issues. They want YOU to succeed. They even helped me see that one of my units was underpriced and I ended up renting it out for $100/month more.

Andrew K.
Andrew K.
“Hemlane Enthusiast”

I have 7 doors in 2 states, one door with Hemlane and 6 with a private management company. Considering what a management company does and charges, Hemlane is a steal! With Hemlane's Complete Package, I'm strongly considering taking all of my units to Hemlane.

Michael B.
Michael B.

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Our Team

We are a group of hard working individuals who are fascinated by technology, amibitous about what we can achieve, and committed to our vision.


We’re not just building cool technology.

We’re building the smartest foundation for real estate investors.

Senior Software Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Understand and translate customer needs to feature requests
  • Build end-to-end solutions (from backend, to API, to front end UI)
  • Collaborate with a small team of engineers to develop and enforce code quality standards and tooling to improve engineering velocity
  • Build internal tooling to improve and optimize support and operations efficiency

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Use product to drive marketing and growth at Hemlane
  • Develop digital marketing strategy that is omnichannel and may have elements of offline (e.g. direct mail)
  • Lead SEO initiatives to build our inbound marketing strategy
  • Adjust and test new copy and materials for ads on a weekly or biweekly basis
  • Set up tracking and conversion funnels for all marketing channels, paid and unpaid
  • Measure and report performance of all marketing campaigns and assess CAC and LTV
  • Build better onboarding experience for free trial users to increase customer conversions
  • Collaborate with a small team of engineers to develop stronger focus on growth
  • Build tools and processes to improve and optimize all marketing funnels
  • Run analytics and report on the KPIs and performance of growth initiatives
  • Manager Hemlane University content and drive target customers to our content
  • Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience
  • Identify crucial conversion points and drop off points to optimize user funnels

Repair Solutionist

Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada

  • Manage a large number of repair requests effectively and efficiently

  • Solve landlord and tenant repair requests with 5 star reviews from both sides

  • Understand and recommend ways to scale by automating your most time intensive tasks

  • Become an expert at navigating our maintenance features and dashboard

  • Track service professionals (electricians, plumbers, etc.) and find ways to build our service professional network

  • Reference and create documentation to better service future requests

  • Provide feedback on how sales and support can better onboard customers on how maintenance works

  • Take inbound and outbound calls, logging everything from the call


Leasing Operations Coordinator

Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada

  • Identify and recommend opportunities to automate your most time intensive tasks.

  • Partner with the product team to design and test software for our internal tooling and customer facing applications.

  • Review inspection reports discuss scope of work with property owners.

  • Remotely coordinate and manage a large number of repair and cleaning requests with appropriate vendors.

  • Remotely coordinate and manage a large number of rental showing appointments.

  • Source and evaluate service vendors to build out our network of professionals.

  • Remotely coordinate collection of house keys and installation of lockboxes.

  • Receive and manage lockbox inventory and regularly pack and ship via FedEx.


Customer Support Associate

Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada

  • Understand how to use our platform to solve all of our customers’ needs

  • Manage support cases to completion for all client types, including free trial users

  • Leverage multiple SaaS tools to answer customer inquiries

  • Identify software bugs and collaborate with our Product team to resolve them

  • Utilize extreme diligence when completing security needs for new users. Attention to detail, critical thinking, and demonstrating a thorough concern for the security of our users.

  • Collaborate and support other departments such as the Repair Coordination team

  • Create documentation that enables customer self-service while leveraging those resources in customer communication

  • Develop and implement process changes that increase efficiency and improve the customer experience


Contact Us

We're real people (no robots here!) who love to help. For immediate service during business hours, please call us at (415) 417-0314