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Answers to your Questions

Yes, online rent payments on Hemlane are secure as our system combines data encryption with tokenization to keep data secure at all times throughout the transaction process. Whenever anyone enters sensitive information into Hemlane, our system automatically converts it into an encrypted token for the Hemlane system and the corresponding system (like your bank) we work with to communicate. This means that no one on the Hemlane team will, or anyone besides the system we are interacting with will be able to see your sensitive information.

They allow the tenant to pay at will, which gives the tenant more control. When you have a problematic tenant, you do not want them to be in control. With PayPal, it is not easy to automate your process with monthly payments or late fees. Additionally, there is a money back guarantee with PayPal. If the customer representative “feels” you have defrauded the customer (your tenant), they will give the money back to them. Venmo is a consumer app which allows the tenants to cancel their transactions before it reaches your bank.

Through the Hemlane portal, landlords and property managers can see if their tenant hasn’t paid their rent as it will indicate the rent amount is incomplete in the Financials pages.

Yes, your tenants can split rent payments if you allow for it. Landlords and property managers can select whether a payment is to be paid in full or can be partially paid (split rent payments).

Hemlane’s ACH payments generally take 3 business days to process for paying customers with verified accounts.

Hemlane is a property management software that can not only process payments directly to you but also provide you with financial reporting to allow you to see the full picture of your rental properties.

"The best property management software for real-estate investors and entrepreneurs! I travel a lot for business, and I can manage my units from anywhere in the world."

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