Maintenance & Repairs

Keeping your property well-kept, as slumlords
always pay more in the end.
Close maintenance requests 2x faster element-img-0

Close maintenance requests 2x faster

By the time you recieve the tenant's request, it contains all information and photos required. And our maintenance team works around the clock for you.

Track your team in 1 place element-img-1

Track your team in 1 place

Service professionals are assigned with all necessary information, from the scheduling contact to the bill to contact, readily available.

Go 4,971 miles away on vacation element-img-2

Go 4,971 miles away on vacation

Maintenance coordinators are available to take your calls and intiaite service professionals, while you relax on the beaches of Tahiti.

Repair Tracking
  • Alerts you with maintenance requests,
    providing ability to upload photo and video documentation.
  • Provides a streamlined process to
    communicate effectively
    with service professionals and tenants.
Service Professionals
  • Manages your local professionals in one place,
    including contact information.
  • Adds and assigned professionals to
    maintenance requests when needed
    (no sign in required).
Maintenance Coordination
  • Assigns maintenance to service professionals
    and directly updates tenants on the status.
  • Coordinates with a US-based call center,
    where specialists know your thresholds and preferred professionals.

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