For tenants

Making it feel more like home

A simple and user-friendly experience for tenants
to communicate and pay rent.
A better experience for tenants results in
high quality residents and reduced turnover.
Hemlane makes it easy for tenants to view lease terms,
send messages, request maintenance, and pay rent online.
Happy tenant, hapy landlord.
How it works
Sign up for a showing and complete an application without the back‑and‑forth
Tenants can book showings online, confirming they meet minimum qualifications. They can apply (for free) from their phone, add co-signers and co-tenants, and receive reminders on next steps.
/immutable/images/how-it-works/for-tenants/hiwt-mockup-2.svg /immutable/images/how-it-works/for-tenants/hiwt-mockup-2.svg
Tenant screening does not impact anyone's credit score
Tenants receive full transparency into their background and credit report. When this information is pulled, there is no impact to a tenant's credit score and personal information is encrypted.
Documents and lease
terms are transparent
Tenants have access to lease documents, from the legal documents to move inspection photos. Hemlane keeps information and communication transparent, to avoid misunderstandings or lost documents.
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Rent notifications and option to split the rent amongst roommates
Tenants can add their bank account with instant verification. They receive reminders and alerts to pay rent, security deposits, and other payments online. Owners have the option to allow tenants to split payments.
Ability to set up automatic
payments and show a great
tenant track record
Tenants can set up automatic payments to make sure rent is always on time. Payment history is also available to share with future landlords.
Faster turnaround on repair and
maintanance requests
Tenants can request maintenance, with specific details and photos attached. The maintenance portal gives them visibility into the status of the service request, without as much back‑and‑forth conversations.
Comprehensive solution
for tenants
6 fewer things to worry about
rentals online
your application
screening report

and view documents
rent online
Submit and track
maintenance requests

A secure and simple solution for residents

Improving communications from the application
to maintenance requests

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