Hemlane vs. Apartments(.com) Rental Manager (formerly Cozy): 4 Features You Need in 2023

Make property management as easy as 1, 2, and 3 with the right property management software by your side. Whether you are just starting your journey with your first rental or have a large portfolio of properties across the United States, the right property management software is key to growing your business! Join us today as we compare two property management softwares available to you: Hemlane vs. Apartments Rental Manager (formerly Cozy).

Hemlane Vs Apartments: A Side-by-Side

Features Hemlane Apartments Rental Manager
Rent Estimator Tool Yes Yes
Listings 30+ websites,
including Apartments
On 7 websites
Custom Listing Page Yes Yes
Applications Yes Yes
Application Recommendations Yes No
Tenant Screening $40 comprehensive report $29 basic report
Online Rent Payment Yes Yes
Automatic Late Fee Yes Yes
Automatic Payments Yes Yes
Manually Record Payments Yes No
Repair Coordination Yes No
Maintenance Troubleshooting Yes No
Network of Service Professionals Yes No
Financial Reports Yes No
Free Onboarding Yes Yes
Ticket and Phone Support Yes No
Team Organization Yes No
Portfolio Organization Yes No
Cloud Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Add-On: Pre-Eviction Support Yes No
Add-On: Leasing Agents Yes No

Marketing Your Rental Property to a Wider Audience

When your property is vacant, you want to make sure you can fill it as soon as possible! As we all know, an empty rental property loses money every day it’s sitting on the market. With this in mind, both Hemlane and Apartments Rental Manager provides you with the resources to help reduce the time your rental is vacant by listing it through their channels.

The key difference between listing on Hemlane versus listing on Apartments Rental Manager is the audience each platform would reach. Apartments Rental Manager lists your property on their network of 7 different listing websites. Although these websites may help, we think casting a larger net would help you find the most qualified tenant for your property.

With Hemlane, you will not only have access to listing onto Apartments but you'll also find your listings are sent to our network of over 30 listing websites!

As the leads come in, you can quickly reach out to them and request for an application and comprehensive credit and background check all within the same page. To keep you organized, our system also creates unique applicant groups for you to track how far the applicants are in this application process. By providing you with a quick way to review incoming leads, you can quickly move forward with the best applicant you can find in the sea of prospective tenants.

It doesn’t hurt to be picky, especially when it comes to picking the perfect tenant who will treat your rental as a home!

Organize Your Documents and More!

Are all your documents sitting in a folder on your desk or on your computer? Quickly organizing these documents can save you time in the future, especially when it comes to tenant documents! With this in mind, both Hemlane and Apartments allows you to upload documents relating to your rental property with just a click of a button. By uploading to the cloud, you can access your documents anywhere in the world!

Although these two platforms provide you with a space to organize your rental documents, how do they compare?

Apartments Rental Manager has a tenant management system set up to act as a database. It provides you with a view of the information that you enter and organizes them based on the rental property. Hemlane takes this one step further and not only organizes the documents to be tied to specific properties or tenant profiles, but the software also allows you to communicate directly with your tenants through the built in messaging feature. This allows you to send and receive messages instantly while sending them a notification through text and email about your message!

If you’re managing a rental for a client, your clients will also be able to stay in the loop as they can see these messages and jump in without having to provide the tenants their personal number or email. All messages within Hemlane are stored so you can reference them at any time!

Collect Rent Rent and Automate Late Fees!

Collecting rent shouldn't have to include a trip to the bank with a long line. Instead you can reduce your workload by using a property management platform. Both Hemlane and Apartments Rental Manager can help reduce the time you spend travelling from rental properties to the bank by collecting your tenant's rent payments online. Best of all, these payments are at no charge to you!

When processing payments online, you will also see these transactions being recorded so you can see which tenants have paid and which are still pending. If you are using Hemlane, you will be able to see the depositing date for these payments, so you or your clients can expect the funds within a known timeframe. As you build your portfolio, having this level of transparency will help you manage your rentals and if you have clients, it can help foster a stronger and more transparent relationship with them!

One key feature Hemlane provides is the ability to send automated messages to your tenants if they are late with rent! Additionally, our software will also add on any late fees automatically without needing you to monitor their payments. When your tenants make payments on Hemlane, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the deposits will be sent to your account! Transaction on Hemlane typically process within 2-3 business days (that’s 3 days faster than what you’ll see at Apartments)!

Generate Reports Instantly

If you are managing your own rentals or a rental for a client, you know that financial reports will be helpful at the end of the year. With this in mind, it would only make sense for you to be able to create these reports, on the same platform that processes your rental transactions. When using Hemlane, you can quickly add any transactions that occur throughout the year directly on your account, then simply download the necessary financial reports with the click of a button!

Spend less time calculating the transactions over the year and instead quickly generate the reports you need on Hemlane!

As of the posting of this article, Apartments cannot generate financial reports.

Which Property Management Software is for You?

Both Hemlane and Apartments Rental Manager offers features which are essential for any landlord. But in our eyes, Hemlane is definitely the best choice! By providing you with features to improve your business, you can rest assured that your rental properties are being taken care of through our automations. When it comes down to marketing your property, collecting rent, and creating financial reports, Hemlane will be there to make sure you’re getting the most out of your property management software.

Now the only thing that will make this better is if you can offload incoming repairs to a dedicated 5-star team that gets the job done. Oh wait- we do that too! For information on this, check out our article on how Hemlane compares to Buildium (spoiler: we come out on top of this one too!)

But as always, don’t just take our word for it. Try Hemlane for 1 month free and see how our team can help make your rentals easier to manage!

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