Tenant Screening

Because the most costly expense
is a bad tenant.
No impact to credit score element-img-0

No impact to credit score

Credit report, provided by TransUnion, is transparent to your tenants and does not affect their credit score.

Search 24 million records instantly element-img-1

Search 24 million records instantly

Assurance that you know the full background of the person who is applying to your rental property.

Eliminate decision risk element-img-2

Eliminate decision risk

Smart alogrithm provides an instant recommendation on whether an applicant should be accepted or politely declined.

Credit Report
  • Provides a comprehensive report and score,
    including tradelines, public filings, bankruptcies.
  • Shares the information with the tenant
    to provide transparency.
Background Check
  • Checks through the nationwide eviction database,
    best available criminal records database, and sex offender registry list.
  • Provides the details of any negative records,
    from fraud indicators to court case details.
  • Informs you via email when an interested tenant
    does not have the right qualifications.
  • Determines whether or not you should accept
    the prospective tenant
    after the screening process.

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