Hemlane vs. Buildium: The 'Go-to' Platform to Free-Up Your Schedule

As more property managers and owners focus on optimizing their rental properties, an easy-to-use property management software is becoming more and more essential to running the business. With all these different property management softwares available, how do you choose the best one for you?

We are here to help you make a smart choice for your rental business by comparing the different platforms available while providing you with a comprehensive table. This week we answer the question: Hemlane or Buildium, which platform saves me the most time?

Side by Side Glance

To start you off on your journey, we have prepared a breakdown to compare the two platforms so you have a chance to familiarize yourself with your options before making an informed decision when selecting your platform for property management.

Features Buildium Hemlane
Rent Estimator Tool No Yes
Listings on Partner Sites Yes Yes
Custom Listing Page Yes Yes
Applications Yes Yes
Application Recommendations Yes Yes
Tenant Screening Yes Yes
Rent Payment $1 per transactions Free ACH payments
Automatic Rent Allocation No Yes
Automatic Payments Yes Yes
Maintenance Request Yes Yes
Maintenance Coordination No Yes
24/7 US Based Call Center for Coordination No Yes, online and phone assistance
Network of Service Professionals No Yes
Financial Reports Yes Yes
Free Onboarding No Yes
Client Support Ticket, + Phone support with upgrade Chat, Ticket, and Phone
Number of Bank Accounts $99 per bank account added Unlimited
Portfolio Organization No Yes
Network of Leasing Agents No Yes

Collecting Rent and Other Payments On Time

With today’s technology, sending and receiving money should be seamless. This is why both platforms offer the ability to automatically request monthly rent payments from your tenants without you lifting a finger. Set up monthly requests from your tenants and sit back as each month your tenants will be notified of upcoming payments and a way to pay online.

What makes Hemlane unique?

Hemlane, allows you to include rent increases for your tenants for those tenants who are leasing for multiple years!

If you are managing properties for your clients, you can reduce your workload while making sure your clients aren’t overwhelmed with becoming a subject matter expert for a new software. While getting set up on Hemlane, our users can set up payment automations once and allow the system to take care of these administrative tasks and every month! This includes taking advantage of Hemlane’s split a rent allocation, allowing property to receive their management fees as soon as rent has been paid.

Reduce the number of administrative tasks on everyone’s plate with Hemlane!

Make Property Management a Passive Income Stream

Now that we have covered payments, how can you automate other aspects of your rental property? Why not let Hemlane take repair coordination off your hand?

Being able to keep record of any repair requests and having your team work on and updating those involved is important. Both Hemlane and Buildium allow you to record maintenance and repair requests within each platform.

Only one software has the ability to help you reduce your time on these repairs. Can you guess which one this is? If you guessed Hemlane, that is correct!

Hemlane allows you to free up your time by delegating repair requests to our repair coordinators.

As repairs come in, our coordinators will first troubleshoot any requests with your tenants to see if a service call is needed. By troubleshooting first, we have seen 7% of requests being closed before a vendor is contacted, saving you the service call charges!

If servicing is needed, our repair coordinators will work with your service professionals or with our network of vetted service professionals in the area to schedule appointments with your tenants. You will also be notified with updates on the repairs through the platform so you are aware of what is done at your property. Did we mention that our coordinators are consistently rated 4.8 stars?

But don’t take it from us, ask any of our clients and they will tell you how amazing it is not to worry about calls coming in during the middle of the night including those about a leaky faucet!

Getting Started Shouldn’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

When you first start out on any platform, we know how daunting it can be. Buildium sees this and is able to provide you with the means to get set up on their portal based on the subscription package you sign up with.

At Hemlane, we believe getting the training you need is essential when starting a new platform. To set you up for success, our team is here to help through our various support channels. Start off strong and schedule free onboarding sessions with our representatives to help familiarize yourself with the platform and input the information for your rentals.

Support shouldn’t stop there at onboarding, this is why we provide you with 3 channels you can reach out to when you have questions about our platform (chat, phone, email).

Which Platform Gives You the Most Freedom?

While comparing the two platforms, in my opinion the clear winner is Hemlane!

If you are looking to decrease the hours you spend managing your properties, look no further than to partner with Hemlane! As you build your business, managing properties for yourself or for clients, Hemlane continuously provides you with the tools and automation you need to go from being on-call 24/7 to creating a passive income stream where you can set your own hours.

Try Hemlane for 1 month free and see how you can make property management the passive income stream you wanted it to be.

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