Applicant Tracking

Tracks and responds intelligenty to
tenant leads and applicants.
Focus more on qualified applicants  element-img-0

Focus more on qualified applicants

Prequalifies tenants before showing and offers insights into each lead and applicant, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Automate follow up communcations element-img-1

Automate follow up communcations

Sends personalized and specific email and text reminders to keep your rental top of mind for leads and applicants.

Save 1 hour every day for 30 days element-img-2

Save 1 hour every day for 30 days

Allows you to add licensed agents to show your rental property, which gives you more time back in your day.

Rental Showings
  • Pre-screens tenants, schedules showings,
    reminds tenants of showings, and follows up with tenants after the showing.
  • Allows you to add local licensed agents to show your rental properties, without you needing to step foot in the door.
Tenant Leads
  • Tracks anyone who inquired about your rental,
    including contact information and qualifications.
  • Follows up with all leads using the right communication, at the right time, based on time and actions.
  • Tracks progress through an online
    comprehensive application,
    including the last two employers and residences.
  • Allows tenants to fill out a free application
    before you make the decision to move forward on tenant screening.

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