The best Reddit real estate investing channels [15 investor subreddits]

Reddit has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional media for advice and information. As real estate investors, we should always be on the lookout for new and innovative ways to inform ourselves outside of mainstream media.

Reddit has emerged as one of those solutions with dozens of subreddits that apply directly to our industry. Not all information is created equal, and real estate investors should treat Reddit cautiously due to the lack of fact-checking and accountability. That said, for all the information we digest, a healthy degree of skepticism should be maintained.

Whether beginning in real estate investing, or already running a successful remote business, looking for new information sources such as Reddit are critical to keeping your business knowledge current and diversified. Here are the top subreddits that real estate professionals and investors should consider bookmarking.

Real estate subreddit #1: r/realestateinvesting

With 1 million followers, the r/realestateinvesting subreddit is foundational for real estate investors looking to digest insights, questions, challenges, and tips for real estate investing from other Reddit users.

The subreddit description excitedly notes that the channel “is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Structured Deals, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending, Land, Commercial Real Estate and more! If it has to do with real estate investing this sub is for you!”

Some of the more recent posts include: how often investors should visit their properties, where to find good rental properties in the suburbs, how to get started in real estate with 100K or 200K, what to know about Homeowner Associations (HOAs), and so much more.

Real estate subreddit #2: r/realestate

Subreddit r/realestate is one of the largest channels on the platform for consumer related information. Realestate has over 13,000 members and is a reddit for all things real estate including consumer information on real estate markets, mortgages, buying, selling, and more.

Despite this subreddit not being directly dedicated to investors, it still contains useful information on real estate markets and purchasing properties that will be useful.

Real estate subreddit #3: r/real_estate

The r/real_estate subreddit is the second largest subreddit on the platform dedicated to investors, with over 290,000 members. The topics discussed in this subreddit are much more directly impactful for investors.

According to recent posts and the description, this subreddit focuses on content related to real estate investing, landlording, mortgages, and foreclosures.

Real estate subreddit #4: r/CommercialRealEstate

This subreddit is the largest one focusing on commercial real estate such as offices, retail, warehousing, and multifamily. Some of the more recent topics suggest it is for more intermediate and advanced investors in this space, focusing on zoning, commercial loans, conversions, commercial leases, and down payments.

Real estate subreddit #5: r/RealEstateTechnology

As real estate investors we know we need to continually improve our technology game, and r/RealEstateTechnology is a perfect way to stay on top of the latest trends in this space. Focused on trends and innovation in real estate technology, the content in this subreddit ranges from SaaS tools, to mobile apps, to home devices, and other gadgets that will help make real estate investors more technologically savvy.

Real estate subreddit #6: r/smarthome

In keeping with the technology theme, r/smarthome is a 120,000+ subreddit dedicated solely to smart home devices and news. Although this channel isn’t dedicated specifically to investors, it does give insights into the internet of things (IoT) that may generate new ideas for your business.

Some of the more recent and helpful posts include smart locks and lights, how to best use Alexa, smart home appliances, wifi services, and more.

Real estate subreddit #7: r/homeautomation

Similarly, r/homeautomation gives similar advice but has over 1.3 million followers. This channel digs into automating properties, housework, and regular household activity with sensors, switches, cameras, locks, and more.

Many home automation tools will end up saving investors and property managers time over the long-run, and should at least be explored. This real estate investor subreddit can help generate ideas and give you a sense of the tools that are currently available.

Real estate subreddit #8: r/HomeImprovement

Whether you are implementing a building maintenance checklist or responding to work orders from tenants, home improvement tasks are the bread and butter of property managers. The r/HomeImprovement subreddit, with 2.4 million followers, is more of a community for advice on home improvement and maintenance projects.

Real estate subreddit #9: r/Realestatefinance

Most real estate investors don’t buy their rentals in cash, we use financing. But at times the ins and outs of mortgages and lending can seem complex. This is why not only should investors educate themselves through Reddit groups like r/Realestatefinance, but also work with qualified professionals to help get them the best financing rates and terms possible.

This financing subreddit is small, with only 9,000 followers, however, it packs a good punch with topics such as lending mistakes, what isn’t taught in school and financing, and lending templates and documentation.

Real estate subreddit #10: r/Mortgages

Similar to the above, r/Mortgages with 22,000 followers focuses solely on mortgages for homes and condos, covering topics such as the underwriting process, negotiating a mortgage term and rates, and what lenders typically overcharge real estate investors.

Real estate subreddit #11: r/realtors

Although most real estate investors are not Realtors, we work very closely with them so it’s good to understand what is happening in their world. The subreddit r/realtors is perfect for that. With over 50,000 members, topics range from agent fees, to tactics realtors use to entice buyers, to what realtors look for in qualified buyers.

Real estate subreddit #12: r/RidiculousRealEstate

You have to have fun! The r/RidiculousRealEstate/ subreddit provides exactly that, with over 25,000 followers. This channel posts fun property photos, funny home buying stories, and a number of other over-the-top tales involving real estate.

Real estate subreddit #13: r/PropertyManagement

Not a significantly large subreddit, but r/PropertyManagement provides investors with tons of really good information and anecdotes on executing on property management. This includes topics on leasing, tenant retention, communication, maintenance, accounting, marketing, and more.

Real estate subreddit #14: r/HouseFlipping

This subreddit channel is a forum where home flippers share stories and tips based on their experiences in the market. Some of the more popular topics include flip budgeting, case studies, before and after examples, and home renovation tips specific to home flippers.

Real estate subreddit #15: r/Landlord

Finally, r/Landlord is a large community (60,000+ members) of users who share real-world advice and tips on all aspects of landlording. This channel is also interesting as many tenants come in to ask for advice to get a landlord’s perspective on their issues.

Final thoughts

As real estate professionals, we always need to be on the lookout for alternative forms of information and education. Reddit provides one of those channels for real estate related information.

Although these channels should be treated with a degree of scepticism given they’re not fact-checked or curated, it does give investors a community of other real estate professionals who are sharing stories, tips, and tools they use in their real estate businesses.

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