Why Self Guided Tours Enhance The Leasing Experience

What are self guided tours?

Self guided tours are one of the latest advancements in leasing technology which allows landlords and property managers to schedule remote showings for their properties. Self guided tours provide a new way for tenants to discover their dream rental space at their own pace. In this blog, we'll dive into the world of self guided tours, exploring how they empower prospective tenants, and holistically enhance rental experience.

Why offer self guided tours?

As a landlord, you understand the challenge of juggling multiple properties and accommodating the schedules of prospective tenants. Self guided tours offer a breath of fresh air, by providing a solution that grants flexibility to both you and your potential tenants. By implementing self guided tours, you allow tenants to explore your properties at their convenience. Self guided tours can save you time and money as it reduces the need for numerous in-person tours that can disrupt your daily operations. You can focus on your business while your rental property helps sell itself!

Incorporating self guided tours along with automated listings and prospective tenant screening can automate large portions of the leasing process and remove human touch points that can slow things down, create inefficiencies and delay sourcing your next tenants.

Self guided tours empower prospective tenants by giving them the freedom to explore rental properties independently. With no pressure or guided agenda, tenants can immerse themselves in the space, envisioning their future home. By allowing this independent exploration, you provide a more personalized and engaging experience, enabling tenants to connect with the property which can translate into increased interest and commitment to your rental.

How do self guided tours work?

Self guided tours can be tricky at first, but using tools such as Hemlane can make this process smoother. When starting with self guided tours, you will need to first install a digital lock or lock box to provide a seamless entry experience. Once set up, you will be able to start accepting applications and scheduling showings. With the use of a digital lock box, Hemlane provides a unique code that allows the interested applicants to view the property, this eliminates double bookings and ensures the applicant can enjoy the viewing experience.

Safety and security of self guided tours

Ensuring the safety and security of both your properties and prospective tenants is essential, this is why a robust verification process is a must! Through Hemlane, our system will request identification and personal information from tenants before granting access to your properties. This verification step instills confidence in both parties and reduces the risk of unauthorized entry or potential damage. For added peace of mind, consider installing security measures such as surveillance systems to protect your properties and deter any mishaps.

What are some limitations of self guided tours?

While self guided tours offer numerous benefits, it's important to acknowledge the limitations. As the applicants are exploring the space, they may miss out on key features of the property if they were not mentioned prior to the showing. Some prospective tenants may prefer guided tours for a more personalized and directed experience. We believe the benefits for self guided tours outweigh the limitations for certain properties.

How can I make self guided tours more effective?

While self guided tours offer independence for your applicants, communication is still key! Communication helps keep your potential tenants engaged and provides them with the support they need. Providing them with details and highlighting key features of the rental space can increase their interest. Timely and responsive communication will reassure tenants and demonstrate your commitment to their needs. Through Hemlane, you can rest easy as our team will work with you and the applicants to answer any questions while providing an open digital channel for communication.

What are some pros and cons on self guided tours?


  • Time saving: No more time wasted setting up showings or dealing with no shows.
  • Qualified tenants can view the property immediately which can result in a quicker tenant placement.
  • Allows tenants to schedule based on their availability increasing access to more potential renters.
  • Provides tenants a better viewing experience than virtual tours leading to higher chance of leasing the rental.
  • Maximize time and don't worry about no shows impacting your schedule.


  • Prospective tenants may miss out on key features of the property.
  • No one immediately available to handle issues that might arise at the rental.
  • Risk of damage to property.

Ready to start offering self guided tours?

As a landlord, introducing self guided tours can transform the way you showcase your rental properties. By embracing flexibility, enhancing independence, leveraging technology, prioritizing safety, and supporting tenant engagement, you create a streamlined and tenant-friendly rental experience. Self guided tours save you time and effort while providing prospective tenants with the freedom to explore at their own pace.

If this sounds interesting to you, see how Hemlane can get you started in self guided tours and tenant placement.

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