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  • 2x advertising exposure

    Your listing is upgraded to Premium on top listing websites to double tenant views

  • Showings 7 days a week

    Conduct property showings 7 days per week, including weekends and after work hours

  • Reduce days on market by 26%

    Place high-quality tenants and reduce days on market by 26%

Imagine a world where you could move-in a high quality tenant faster

Tenant turnover catered to you

Tailored packages designed to save you money.


Tenant placement+




Local rental market analysis

Advertising to premium listing websites

Pre-qualification of tenants

Tenant self-guided tours (digital lockbox with identity verification)

(digital lockbox with identity verification)

Application and credit check background

Electronic lease signing (using your lease or one of our partners’ leases)

(using your lease or one of our partners’ leases)

Property inspection and report

Rent-ready coordination (minor repairs, interior paint, and deep clean)

(minor repairs, interior paint, and deep clean)
Answers to your Questions

Zillow is great software but does it solve your problems? Hemlane goes beyond software by providing a platform where you can connect with professionals on the ground. Your property is treated like one of our own, and you can access our 24/7 support team anytime you have a question.

We take security very seriously. Tenants must provide a government issued ID and go through our verification process, which uses biometric information to confirm their identity.

For our Leasing+ bundle, we typically ship our digital lockbox to the outgoing tenant and they use it to surrender their keys during their move-out. It is required to use our digital lockbox with our Tenant Placement+ service. We can ship the lockbox to whomever you designate. If you need assistance, we may be able to coordinate lockbox installation by a handy person or courier at the owner’s expense (typically $50-100).

The lockboxes don't need access to the Internet. We can remotely issue temporary access codes that only work at a designated date or time and are not reusable.

The fee is charged up front before the service is performed. The leasing services fees are non-recurring. For example, you would pay the Tenant Placement+ fees first, then our team will begin advertising your property, screen applicants and provide you a local market report once payments are received. Note: if you choose the Leasing+ bundle, we will charge $300 of the fee upfront to cover the cost of our inspection and report. The balance is collected after we have begun coordinating showings for the property.

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