The Property Management Pulse - August 2023

👋 Hello & Welcome to the 1st Edition of Hemlane Insights!

We heard you and we're excited to introduce the first of many resources we're rolling out that will provide actionable insights you can use for your real estate investments keeping you ahead of the competition.

This month's key RE trends: We're covering all the reasons why everyone and their mother is complaining about the housing market, why home insurance is creating headaches for some states, where rents are cooling most, and what appeals to Gen Z.

🏠 The Big Picture

90 day range of best mortgage rates

Fitch Ratings isn't the only thing causing drama this summer.

The US economy is doing well despite banks' doom and gloom talk. Consumer confidence remains high and inflation is cooling from recent rate hikes. However, what's good news for averting a recession is not necessarily the best news for housing as the mortgage rate remains too dang high.

👉 What this means: Combined with the continuing woes of WFH, all of this explains why Wells Fargo feels that pain is coming for the real estate market.

🗓️ Looking Ahead:

  • The Feds will determine whether or not to raise interest rates on September 15th. Currently, most people believe that all signs point to yes.
  • Expect a flurry of reports including mortgage application data, average rates, and the mortgage refinance index before the end of this month.

📋 Insurance News

Florida homeowners insurance losses per policy

The pullout of insurers in Florida and California is having a ripple effect throughout the industry and causing owners and developers to scramble to find solutions.

🏘️ Rental Round-Up

  • Rents are cooling in some cities where there is a mismatch between potential renters and available units.
  • Build-to-rent construction is rising across the US, led by Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina - but not in these 10 states.
  • Higher interest rates and the collapse of regional banks are causing multifamily construction to hit a wall: New permits were down 33% and with loan rates now at 8%, some developers put their projects on hold.
  • Federal agencies are drawing new frameworks for tenant screenings, tenant organizing efforts, and eviction notices for renters. It's good to know that we're not the only ones working hard this summer.
  • CBRE released its anticipated Q2 2023 multifamily report which found that both demand and supply are stabilizing.

💡 On Our Radar

Data Notes

What's hotter than the weather? Living la vida solo. Nearly 30% of American "households" comprise of one person.

Increase in Americans living alone

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