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Hemlane significantly facilitates the expansion of my property portfolio.
David B.
David B.
9 rentals
Hemlane provides excellent affordable property management solutions to real estate owner
Karen X.
Karen X.
4 rentals
I could not have kept costs down and realized additional revenue without Hemlane!
Ini B.
Ini O.
2 rentals
This product is a great value & comes with excellent customer service & communication!
Paul L.
Paul L.
35 rentals
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What are the top services included in San Francisco's property management?

San Francisco has a lot of tech-savvy tenants. Hemlane allows them to pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. It even includes text messaging at no additional cost for them.

Is hiring a property manager in San Francisco worth it?

San Francisco has many complex tenant and landlord laws that can be hard to navigate. A property manager can help you better understand and follow the laws.

How do I manage my rental property in San Francisco?

San Francisco offers landlords many rights, but you can possibly lose them if you don’t follow the regulations put in place by the city. Be sure you are up to date on the rent control rules of the city.

Landlord-tenant laws in San Francisco.

The #1 thing that landlords forget is that San Francisco requires you to calculate interest on security deposits if the tenant has resided in the rental for over a year. Check out the SF Rent Board for the annual rates.

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