Take a permanent break from tenant repair calls

Our 24/7 experienced team handles everything from troubleshooting requests to scheduling repairs to paying vendors. All within your limits.

14 days free. No credit card required.

How it works

Delegate to our specialists to oversee requests

Prevent panic and further damages

When a tenant submits a support request, our team will work quickly to evaluate whether it’s an emergency. Sometimes all it takes to mitigate any additional damage is turning off a water valve or unplugging electronics in close proximity.

Save on unnecessary repair visits

Before sending out a service technician, our team will troubleshoot the repair request with the tenant. This process allows our team to have a better understanding of what might be the issue and confirm that it’s not a quick fix for the tenant. Because we don’t charge a markup on repairs, our incentives are aligned with yours in looking out for your bottom line.

Access top-rated service professionals

Building a local network of handymen, electricians, or plumbers takes time and research. Hemlane understands that a quality service professional makes all the difference and while you may not work daily with handymen, electricians, or plumbers, our team does. And we continually review the feedback we receive on every professional to make sure we’re sending out the good ones that strike a happy balance between cost and quality.

Don’t play secretary

Hemlane handles scheduling the visit between tenants and the service technician, so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves in providing quality experiences for all parties involved and follow up after the visit to confirm expectations were met.

Never worry about inflated repair costs

You are in control of your property’s repair budget. Set up your price thresholds in-app and we find a service that fits your criteria. If a quote exceeds your threshold, we put the work on pause until you give us the green light to move forward.

Streamline accounting and billing

We know that some of our customers love crunching the numbers and others just want to keep their finances organized. Hemlane uploads invoices directly into your account for each property. We take care of payments securely to ensure your personal information is never compromised. 


Property Management Designed Specifically for You

Get 24/7 repair coordination

Repair coordinators are available to take your calls and initiate service professionals, while you relax on the beaches of Tahiti. All you may have to do is click “Approve” for any work above what you’re comfortable automatically approving.

Close 7% of requests without an onsite visit

Our specialists work with your tenants to see if they can resolve the issue through our highly vetted and reviewed troubleshooting process. Tenants enjoy having their issues addressed quickly and the fastest way to resolve them is before sending out a technician.

$0 surprise fees or upcharges

Unlike other providers, we do not upcharge on vendor bills. You will see the plumber’s invoice in the system without any additional fees from our side. We are aligned with you to get the best price for the greatest quality!

Get the benefits of both worlds

Cost for 24/7 Repair Coordination

It's included in our subscription packages. See pricing for more details.

Essential Package

24/7 repair coordination + repair billing

Complete Package

24/7 repair coordination +

Hemlane’s network of service

professionals + repair billing


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“Hemlane is an amazing solution. Our experience managing 30+ properties through Hemlane has been fantastic thanks for the efficiency of the program.”

Paul L.

41 rentals in Tracy, CA

“I want to remain aware of what is occuring but don’t want to have to be on call 24/7. This works beautifully for that. It’s simple to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm.”

Sonia S.

1 rental in Hollins, VA

The best property management software for real-estate investors and entrepreneurs! I travel a lot for business, and I can manage my units from anywhere in the world.”

Julian S.

4 rentals in Denver, CO

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