Corey Johnson, Weichert Realtors® - Gold Star

Corey JohnsonLeasing Specialist and Property Manager

Weichert Realtors® - Gold Star
License #6501428450 (MI)
4 years
4 years
Real Estate
5 years
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About Corey

My experience with rental properties has been life changing. Rental real estate, when used wisely, is one of the most powerful wealth generating tools that the everyday American can use. The problem is managing rental properties is NOT a passive activity! This is why most people do not get into real estate because they are afraid they will have to change a leaky toilet at midnight or they are afraid of how to handle a tenant that is not following the lease. Let my team of professionals help you with the management of your rental property so you can spend less time worrying about your properties and more time enjoying your family and friends. We will help you through the buying process, leasing out the unit, dealing with tenants, repair and turnover coordination, and the eventual sale of your rental property. Our team is able to help throughout Southwest Michigan with all of your property management needs.

Corey Johnson, Weichert Realtors® - Gold Star
Corey Johnson
Weichert Realtors® - Gold Star
All-in-one property management platform
  • Rental advertising
  • Lease management
  • Prospective tenant tracking
  • Financials & online rent
  • Applications & screening
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Lease contracts & on-call advice
  • 24/7 Maintenance coordination
Agent Services
  • Annual inspection
  • Review applicants
  • Lease preparation
  • Move in inspection
  • Move out inspection
  • Property showing
  • Turnover repair coordination
  • List of service pros for turnover

$60/mo first rental

$30/mo per additional rental. Billed annually.


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Hemlane significantly facilitates the expansion of my property portfolio.
Hemlane customer David B.
David B.
9 rentals
Hemlane provides excellent affordable property management solutions to real estate owner
Hemlane customer Karen X.
Karen X.
4 rentals
I could not have kept costs down and realized additional revenue without Hemlane!
Hemlane customer Ini O.
Ini O.
2 rentals
This product is a great value & comes with excellent customer service & communication!
Hemlane customer Paul L.
Paul L.
35 rentals

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