Hemlane for Agents

Build new relationships and supplement your residential sales or management business

How it works


Real estate investors remotely manage their properties using Hemlane.


Hemlane connects you with our real estate investors to become their local real estate professional.


You set your rate and get paid for local real estate tasks, such as rental showings.


Build new relationships

Build new relationships

Support real estate investors with specific rentals needs (property showings, inspections, and other local tasks).

Maintain existing relationships

Maintain existing relationships

Introduce your clients to Hemlane and provide a way for them to manage their property while maintaining your relationship with them.

Get paid

Get paid

Supplement your existing real estate business, and get paid for every real estate task that you perform in Hemlane.

Hemlane vendor portal

Work with new real estate investors and help your existing clients

Get connected to support real estate investors with their leasing and/or management.

No cost to join and no obligations

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Why focus on long-term investment properties?

19% of annual home sales are long-term investment properties

68% of investment owners are very or somewhat likely to buy another investment property in the next two years

The majority of real estate investors prefer to self-manage but occasionally need some on ground support from professional agents