Property Management on Your Terms

Ryan Franco
Basic Management
Property website
Market your listing on 30+ rental advertising websites
Online application
Document storage
Credit & background Check*
Alerts & reminders
Online rent collection & ACH transfer
Automatic late fee
Maintenance & repair tracking
Cloud-based property management platform
Smart Management
All Basic Management features
Legal contracts & On Call advice
Lead responding and show scheduling
Licensed agents for on ground support
Logo transparent
Coordination of
  • Leasing (showings and move inspections)
  • Handiwork
  • Electrical work
  • And your other 3rd party vendors

Property Marketing

Property Management Software Example
Creates a personalized website with property details and application link
Advertises your property on over 30 rental listing websites, including Zillow, Trulia, Padmapper, ApartmentList, and Zumper
Responds to prospective tenants’ inquiries, schedules showings, sends text and email reminders to prospective tenants

Applicant Screening

Property Management Software Example
Provides a comprehensive online application, including employment and rental history
Credit Report and Score
Checks tradelines, public filings, bankruptcies. Does not affect prospective tenants’ credit score (“soft pull”)
Nationwide background check
Largest nationwide eviction database, best available criminal records database, sex offender registry search

Lease Tracking

Property Management Software Example
Document Storage
Saves and protects your important property and tenant-specific documents in a cloud-based location
Alerts and Reminders
Reminds you when leases are coming up for renewal and uses intelligence to alert you when there is management risk
Lease Contracts and On Call Advice
Partners with legal support to provide State-specific lease agreements and other real estate documents

Rent and Payments

Property Management Software Example
Online Rent Collection
Reminds tenants on rent collection with ACH transfer and the ability to schedule automatic payments
Automatic Late Fee
Sends automatic requests for late fees, per the lease agreement
Instant Verification and Controlled Payments
Provides complete control over how much is requested, without allowing tenants to pay at their advantage. Allows for instant bank verification (not requiring micro-deposits) with the largest banks


Property Management Software Example
Request and Tracking
Alerts you with maintenance requests (allows photo upload) and adds your vendors to the conversation (no sign in required)
Licensed Agents
Provides access to recommended licensed agents in your area for one-off requests such as property showings and inspections
Coordination and Payments
Coordinates, schedules, follows up, and sends payment on maintenance requests