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Top 19 Tips for Property Management in Greater Denver

1. Property Management Licensing Requirements for Property Management in Denver

Some states do not require a property management representative to be licensed to do property management. Denver is not one of them and requires property managers to have a real estate license. Specially these are the tasks that one needs to be licensed for to undertake on behalf of an owner.

  • Marketing the property to potential tenants
  • Showing the property to prospective tenants
  • Negotiating lease terms
  • Paying for services using the property's rent payments
  • Depositing the rent into a trust, signing checks, or withdrawing money from the bank account

As a note, you do not need to be licensed if you are performing these tasks for your own property.

2. Municipal & County Jurisdictions for Property Management in Greater Denver

It’s important to know what county & municipality covers the area your property is located in in case you, your tenant, or a property manager would like to inquire about any of the following government services which could impact the use or management of a property.

  • Building permits
  • Health department
  • Bug/insect control
  • Energy Efficiency programs
  • Snow removal
  • Pay water bills
  • Fire alarm permit
  • Noise complaints
  • Animal control
  • Compost collection
  • Pay property taxes
  • Pet licenses (including emotional support & service dogs)
  • Short-term rental management
  • Vehicle registration
  • Trash collection
  • Large Item clean up
  • Water main breaks
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Block Party permits
  • City parking permits’
  • There may be other services which strong text

Hemlane Tip: You may want to find the direct departments & registrations relevant to your address and place direct links for the appropriate county or city in the "Property Guide" section of your Hemlane.

County Locator tool: This tool lets you type in your address and it will in turn tell you what country's jurisdiction it falls under.

Municipality Locator tool: If you simply enter the address into google maps, it will tell you the city & zip code.

Counties in the Greater Denver Area

City and County of Denver
Arapahoe County
Jefferson County
Adams County
Douglas County
City and County of Broomfield
Elbert County
Park County
Clear Creek County
Gilpin County

Major Municipalities in Greater Denver Area (with more than 10,000 residents)

Castle Rock
Commerce City
Federal Heights
Greenwood Village
Highlands Ranch
Ken Caryl
Wheat Ridge

3. Key Tax Rates for Property Management in Greater Denver

Sales Tax: 2.9% of retail sales
County Taxes: Directory of different sales tax in Colorado
Average Property Transfer Tax Rates: 0.01%

4. Property Tax Calculator for Greater Denver Properties

To obtain an estimate of what property tax would be on your property for planning & forecasting purposes. Refer to your country or municipality for payment, due dates, and further questions.

Additionally, you can use this calculator below.

Colorado Property Tax Calculator

5. Key Exchange Service for Property Management in Greater Denver

This service allows you to store a key so that a anyone who needs a key to your property may go to any of the following locations and retrieve a key. This could be useful for showings, vendor support etc. Learn more about Keyen Kiosk.

Keyme Kiosk locations.

  • 7-Eleven in Lincoln Park, CO401 16TH STREET, Denver, CO, 80203
  • 7-Eleven in North Capitol Hill, CO380 E 17TH AVE, DENVER, CO, 80203
  • 7-Eleven in Auraria, CO820 16TH ST. SUITE 100, DENVER, CO, 80202
  • 7-Eleven in University Park, CO2363 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO, 80210
  • Kmart in GracePlace, CO9881 W 58th Ave, Arvada, CO, 80002
  • 7-Eleven in Hampden South, CO4351 S TAMARAC PKWY, Denver, CO, 80237
  • Bed Bath & Beyond in Littleton CO7421 WEST BOWLES AVENUE, LITTLETON, CO, 80123
  • Bed Bath & Beyond in Northglenn, CO341 West 104th Avenue Unit B, Northglenn, CO, 80234
  • Bed Bath & Beyond in Longmont CO205 Ken Pratt Blvd. Suite 240, LONGMONT, CO, 80501
  • Bed Bath & Beyond in Greeley, CO4735 29th Street, Greeley, CO, 80634 Bed - Bath & Beyond in Pueblo,CO5737 North Elizabeth Street, Pueblo, CO, 81008

6. Landfills & Disposal for Property Management in Greater Denver

The following Waste management sites will typically provide the most flexibility and best rates for disposal of junk. Click on the site for more details about hours, or to contact with more specific questions. You may also want to refer to your city or county with more specific waste removal questions.

Site Address Non-Hazardous Hazardous Waste
South Metro TS 2400 West Union AvenueEnglewood, CO 80110 Municipal Solid Waste This facility does not accept hazardous waste
D&R TS 6091 Brighton BoulevardCommerce City, CO 80022 Municipal Solid Waste Same as above
Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site (DADS) Landfill 3500 South Gun Club RoadAurora, CO 80018 Asbestos-Friable Asbestos-Non-Friable Auto Shredder Fluff Biosolids CERCLA Waste Construction & Demolition Debris E&P Wastes Industrial & Special Waste Municipal Solid Waste Yard Waste Same as above
Conservation Services, Inc. (CSI) 41800 East 88th AvenueBennett, CO 80102 Same as Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site Same as above

South Metro TS
Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site DADS Landfill
Conservation Services, Inc. CSI

7. Rodents & Pests in Greater Denver for Property Management

It’s important to understand the local rodent and pest variables to see how they may effect your property. Awareness will allow you to take steps for prevention and diagnosis issues quicker if issues arise.

Bed Bugs: There are about 3,500 infected bed bug homes a year making Denver in the top 6 cities for infestation, mostly because of an aging population and high tourist demand. test

Local wildlife: Denver has the typical wildlife indigenous to the midwest including raccoons, squirrels, rats, coyotes, bats and snakes (few are venomous). These animals pose more of a nuisance than a threat. Click here for a list of providers who can help with wildlife removal.

8. Small Claims in Greater Denver for Property Management

Small claims usually constitute claims which are $7,500 or less.

You must file where:

  • The Defendenat lives
  • The Defendant is regularly employed
  • The Defendant has an office for business In the country that the real
    property is located in.

Here is a list of county courthouses in which you can file a small claims case.

9. Tenancy Law Lawyers for Property Management in Greater Denver

The following are a suggestions of lawyers who may be able to assist with any tenancy related disputes who practice in Greater Denver.

10. Tenants Sub-Renting a Unit Out as a Short-Term Rental in Greater Denver

If you authorize tenants they are able to sub-rent, they will still need to meet local laws & regulations governing short-term rentals. They will need to check with their local county or municipality for their specific regulations. For example, here is information on the City of Denver’s regulations.

11. Major Weather Considerations for Property Managers in Greater Denver

It’s important to know major weather considerations to keep in mind how they can affect your property. This includes planning for snow removal, planning for maintenance & seasonal property preparations, and ensuring all heating/cooling systems are operational when they are needed most. The following are the primary weather considerations to keep in mind.

Strong winds: Denver can experience strong winds in excess of 100mph which can certainly disrupt power and overall be a threat to the building and steps should be taken to prepare the house for wind.

Very hot temperatures: July/August it is not unusual for temperatures to reach over 100.

Snow & Freezing temperatures: The temperature can drop below 15 F from with snow occurring from October to May and an average average 55 inches of snow falling. However, Denver is capable of freezing weather all year.

12. Fair Housing in Denver for Property Managers in Greater Denver

Fair housing are nationally sanctioned set of laws which all landlords must uphold. If you have questions or would like training, you can contact the Department of Local Affairs department covering this. The department of local affairs offers free classes which typically run monthly for fair housing training. You can access them here .

If you run into issues or have further questions, it is advised you contact an attorney with local expertise/experience in Fair Housing.

13. Housing Vouchers for Property Management in Greater Denver

Section 8: Section 8 is a program to assist the very poor, elderly & disabled with housing. If you accept a section 8 tenant, you’ll receive a voucher from the government for a portion of the rent. Click here for more information on section housing in Denver.

14. Emotional Support Dogs for Property Management in Greater Denver

It is becoming very common for tenants to have an emotional support dog which under fair housing law, you are not allowed to discriminate against or charge an additional pet deposit. However, deposits amounts can be withheld for damage caused by the animal. FHEO Notice: FHEO-2013-01 .

They will need a letter from a medical doctor or treating therapist who can establish the disability and the need for the assistance animal. We recommend that if presented with this paperwork, you verify that it is not forged by contact the source of the letter and contacting the author directly. Also ensure source is not a friend, or someone else who could be faking it.

Dogs or any animals will likely need to be registered (regardless of purpose) in the municipality or county they reside in. Refer to your county or municipality to determine regulations for your location.

15. Radon Gas Considerations in Greater Denver

Radon gas is a radioactive gas which seeps from eroding particles in the soil beneath your property. Over time it can cause cancer and although quit rare, should still be taken into consideration.

Greater Denver falls in Zone 1 (the highest) so you will want to ensure your property is Radon Gas free and ensure proper monitoring is put in place.

16. Building Construction & Maintenance Tips for Property Management in Greater Denver

It’s important when looking at to purchase residential real estate and maintaining existing real estate to take into account the unique building construction considerations. The following are applicable to the Greater Denver area.

Greater Denver is located on relatively unstable soil meaning that settling issues are more prevalent in Greater Denver. This may result in a higher case of settling and foundation issues. It will be especially important to be aware of the health of the foundation when considering properties to purchase.

Denver gets an average amount of rain. Therefore, you’ll want to inspect for any moisture and water issues in the structure and ensure proper drainage is in place to remove water away from the house during precipitation periods.

Being that Greater Denver receives snow, you’ll need to consider that all structures are equipped to deal with snow loads. This could be especially relevant for unpermitted carports, sheds and other accessory buildings that could collapse in under excessive snow loads.

17. Snapshot of Migration & Real Estate Trends: Who is Renting Properties in Greater Denver?

The last 10 years have seen Denver as a popular city for americans from across the country to move to for its affordability and rich outdoor culture. However, the city is now reaching capacity with migration slowing to it’s lowest level in 7 years .

In regards to real estate values, growth has already slowed, with only a 4% increase being measured in the last year.

Meanwhile, rental rates continue to increase in Denver as construction starts have slowed.

Overall, it seems the Denver market is slowing from it’s red hot growth over the last 10 years after reaching a saturation point, but is still seeing steady increases.

18. Emotional & Service Animals in Greater Denver for Property Management

It is becoming very common for tenants to have an emotional support dog which under fair housing law, you are not allowed to discriminate against or charge an additional pet deposit. However, you are able to withhold funds from the general damage deposit if there is damage caused by the animal. FHEO Notice: FHEO-2013-01 .

These animals will need a letter from a medical doctor or treating therapist who can establish the disability and the need for the assistance animal. We recommend that if presented with this paperwork, you verify that it is not forged by contact the source of the letter and contacting the author directly. Also ensure the source is not a friend, or someone else who could be faking or forging the authorization.

19. Applicable Property Management Associations in Greater Denver

The following are the applicable property management associations for the Greater Denver area. You may want to contact them to request additional information or ask additional property management related questions.

National: National Association of Residential Managers (NARM)

State: Not applicable

City: NARPM Denver

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